Gamaliel Bradford Class of 1958


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Some of our Class have submitted PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE of themselves,  family, friends, doings or interests.  This is very encouraging for the rest of us,  especially those who felt they were the only ones surviving the Great Class Wreck (real life).

Click on the contributor's name to see their photos.


Jackie Bell


Tom Curry


Arthur (Butch) Crosbie


Robert Deitrich


Eleanor Doe


Jim Duffy


Rocky Edwards


Beverly Ekings


Dorcy Erlandson


Bob Gallerani


Bill Gulliver

Gordon Irving


Donald Lambro


Frank Lang


Gary Lapham


Dottie Loring

Edgar Loring & Ann Morris Loring


Bob McCarthy


Nancy Perkins


Joan Rayner


Joan Roberts


Sandra Shaw


Danny Steiger


Stan Whitcomb


Joan "Tootsie" Weisenbach


Ed Winnier


Jim Yotz


Art Young




To get your photos on our WHS class website,  please submit them to:
Ms. Dottie Loring Stanley as an email attachment.  PLEASE be sure to send your narrative or caption along with the photos.  We need to be able to identify the picture,  and associate it with your words.  We prefer JPEG (web ready) images.  The mail travels faster if you ZIP up.


If you wish to submit materials in any other format or by snail mail,  please advise FIRST by e-mail. 


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